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Rock climbing in Syria started only around 2000 and hence our Syrian climbing sites are still practically unknown outside Damascus. Thanks to the efforts of a group of dedicated individuals, in the last few years almost 200 bolted sport climbing routes in the close neighbourhood of Damascus have been established.

Skiing in Syria Check out our page about ski-touring in Syria and Lebanon! During the cool and wet winter months (Dec-March), ski-touring is a valid alternative when the rock cliffs are too wet for climbing.


This web site aims to support curious climbers who are looking for the unusual to find their way to the nice limestone cliffs of the Anti-Lebanon mountains. You will find information about the security situation for tourists in Syria, our climbing sites, how to get the climbing guide books we have written and how to contact us in case you seek some more individual advise.

Guide book : The Climbing in Damascus topo guide book is now available! On 80 color pages, it reveals how to get to the Syrian climbing cliffs, route descriptions and a lot of useful additional info. Contact us to get a copy!

SSAC Last updated: 20th of June, 2010